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About Josie
and her small friend Pheanie

Although I was born in Newcastle NSW, I don’t remember much about living there as we moved to Yass when I was two. Animals have always been a part of my life. I grew up with a dog called Mishka, a border collie who was adopted from the RSPCA when I was six months old. She was the typical ‘girl’s best friend’ kind of dog. She was loving, gentle and patient. Even when I stuck my fingers up her nose! My family also had some odd pets when I was growing up.

We had hermit crabs, Remus & Romulus, who were great escape artists. If not in their tank, they could be found scurrying along the window sill or mysteriously appearing in my bedroom, three rooms away. We had two Oscar fish, Balrog & Galadriel, who sulked if you didn’t talk to them and I currently also have a budgerigar called Bob, now about nine years old (we think!), who still manages to wake the family every morning with his chirping.

Now back to me. I moved to Canberra ten years ago and live with my number one furry friend, Pheanie. I adopted her from the RSPCA in 2007, after begging my parents for months for a dog. I was told she is an Australian cattle dog: she has the ‘blue’ colouring but I suspect that this is only part of her heritage - she is a bit on the short side. 

Pheanie was the catalyst for my career as a vet nurse. I was sick and had been house bound for a few years when my parents allowed me to get Pheanie. She was to be my companion and help me get ‘back into life’ as my mother would say. She became my best friend. When the rest of my family were running around, going to school or work, she was there. Taking care of Pheanie helped me learn how to take care of myself again and helped motivate me to move forward. After making a full recovery from my illness, I knew that vet nursing was the only career that made sense for me. I wanted to help take care of other people’s “Pheanie”.

Outside of work, one of my favourite things to do is taking long walks with Pheanie. I also enjoy cooking for my family, sewing, making beaded jewellery, reading, watching movies (anything with vampires or zombies) and listening to music.